Minimum qualifications

The US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya gives the following as the minimum education qualifications for the DV 2014 program. Citizens of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Mauritius and Somalia also have their interview at the Nairobi Office.

You must have completed a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to 12 years of elementary and secondary education (high school) in the U.S Vocational degrees, without secondary certificates, are not considered equivalent to a U.S . high school education.
The U.S. Embassy Nairobi consults with our regional embassies to define what the comparable standard is for high school education in your

a. For Kenya, you must have passed the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary
Examination (KCSE) with a minimum average score of D– (Minus).
For pre-1986,the Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE) score must be a minimum of Division IV.

* For applicants who attended school in Kenya:
Please note that in order to prove that you meet the minimum DV education requirement (high school education or local equivalent), in many cases we require a confidential copy of your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
(KCSE) results.

You must have a minimum of a D- (minus) to qualify for DV2014. Please go
to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and request that they send the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi a confidential copy of your results at least two weeks before your interview appointment. You may have to pay a fee directly to KNEC for this service.”

b.For Burundi, you must have a Diploma D’Etat or Diploma A2.

c.For Eritrea , you must have a minimum of five D grades on the Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate.

d.For Mauritius, you must have a passing credit (Grade 6 or above) in English on the Cambridge School Certificate (SC), plus the O-level certificate with a minimum Grade 6 in four other subjects.

e.For Rwanda, you must have a minimum of 13 points on the A2 diploma, or
Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education (AGCSE). For pre-2008
graduates, a minimum score of 1.5 is required on the Diploma of Secondary

f.For Uganda, you must have the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) A-level certificate with a minimum of one principal pass and one secondary pass out of four total subject exams.

More of the instructions for a DV Selectee can be found at this link


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